The second phase of Khoh-e-Moula Ali (A.S) development project which includes the restoration of the centuries old elite Kaman No 2 and 3 at the Hilltop. (Restoration for Kaman No. 1 completed in 2018) Photo of completed Kaman No. 1 attached for reference.

It’s a very delicate state of art work which includes the scrubbing and detaching white wash plaster and other pasted material (approximately ½ to 1 inch thick) accumulated since centuries resulted in diminishing and covering the beautiful carvings and floral designes on the Kaman structure, reminding us the art and glory of our great times. The reason for restoring is to strengthen the physical strength of the monuments to keep it alive for few

more centuries. The advice and expertise of Archeological department is being taken for these restoration works. The Special Raw Materials required The lime {Gatchi} to be used for restoring these monuments is to be ordered from Archeological Department which is special and expensive. Apart from time it needs a lot of money as the material to be used is a very special type of plastering material being prepared by a team of experts who are involved in restoring the old monuments like Charminar, Baad-e-Shahi Aashoor Khana and other centuries old monuments in and around Hyderabad..

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