We felt responsible to restore, reconstruct or to maintain the community’s spiritual and sacred places and monuments of high religious importance. As most of them are in a very bad physical condition and some of them can be categorized, classified and tagged as “dilapidated” most of them of course are under “Waqf board” or “Nizam Trust” but no attention has been bestowed by them for their restoration and betterment. The Shia waqf properties are mostly encroached by illegal occupants or left unattended by Awqaf resulting in the present miserable condition. Some photos are attached for your reference.

Since years we are looking into this matter and have contacted Telangana Awqaf and HEH The Nizams Trust and held meetings with them but of no use and effect as they do not have funds for such restoration works. Although a lot of request have been floated to these offices but no response so far. Finally we took the decision to do it ourselves to restore, reconstruct or to maintain these important spiritual and sacred places of our community which needs to be preserved for the generation to come, after obtaining the permissions from the respective offices by assuring them that all expenses will be

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